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A variety of Tel Avivian craft beers. Spoil yourself and your friends with fresh, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer.

- Green: A hoppy beer based on the known IPA style, with a wonderful fruity aroma of grapefruit, guava, mango and other fruits. Alcohol: 6%  - Double Gold Bira-International Brewing Awards 2011

- Blonde: An ale, rich in floral and fruity flavors and aroma's, but with lower alcohol, 5,3% - Silver Medal European Beer Star 2017 - Gold Medal European Beer Star- 2014

- Black: A black complex, robust beer, offering the rich flavors and aroma's of dark chocolate, espresso and dried fruits. Alcohol: 7% - Gold: Medal European Beer Star 2017, 2014 & 2013 - Gold Award World Beer Cup 2014 - Silver Medal BIRA International Beer Context 2011

- Saison: Special Edition characterized by extraordinary complexity in flavors and smells, dryness and a little acidity. Alcohol: 7%

- Wheat: A non-conventional wheat beer, nice white head, cloudy gold, very fresh light and drinkable. Alcohol: 5%

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